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Increased productivity for employees and entrepreneurs

starts with wholeness


More Revenue

More Money

More Time


coaching designed to develop a productive workplace culture

To our clients, we offer productive, purpose driven workplace solutions

We will be a good fit if you experience:

Unproductive employee behavior

High employee turn-over

Decreasing profits as a result of HR issues

Lack of time to focus on growing your business

I shape an environment that boosts team morale and improves productivity and profits.

I handle tedious tasks that help companies remain efficient with HR needs and compliant with payroll requirements. 

I do this to grant you a refund on your time.

You'll feel better once you can get your focus back to growing the business. 


coaching designed to maximize the potential of individuals

To our clients, we provide clarity, direction, and strategies for achievement

We will be a good fit if you experience:

Feelings of hopelessness



Lack of goal accomplishment

I help individuals achieve goals through personal, business, or non-profit development.

I uncover roadblocks that prevent entrepreneurs from achieving their highest level of potential.

I offer one-on-one coaching that provides goal-setting, encouragement, structure, accountability, and evaluation.